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Couples Therapy

Like "individual psychotherapy," couples psychotherapy is often referred to using many different terms. For example some people call it couples counseling, couples therapy, marital counseling, marital therapy or relationship enhancement. Regardless of whether you and your partner are married or otherwise partnered, gay or straight, of similar or different ethnicities, religions or backgrounds the process of couples work is very similar.

Typically the central focus of couples therapy is establishing and refining communications between partners. There are many reasons why couples might have difficulty communicating with one another. Following an initial consultation during which we discuss your individual perceptions of the issues that have led you to consider counseling, we mutually set goals for our work together. Such goals may focus on decreasing the frequency or changing the quality or intensity of arguments, fostering cooperative parenting, improving sexual and intimate relations, etc. In some cases the goal of couples therapy is not to stay together but rather to figure out how to separate peacefully, especially when there are children involved. It is not uncommon for one partner to be more motivated than the other when starting couples therapy; usually this becomes more balanced after a few sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself, your partner and how to improve your relationship through couples psychotherapy, please contact me to schedule an initial consultation appointment. Please visit the "new clients" page for more information about my fees, how you might be able to use your health insurance and/or flexible spending account (FSA) and where my office is located.

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