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There is increasing pressure on all work organizations to better understand certain behaviors, languages, attitudes and gestures that may be disruptive, intimidating, threatening or unsafe to others. These situations are usually quite complex, anxiety-provoking and difficult to deal with. Organizations committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure work environment often benefit from consultations to assist in developing and carrying out policies and procedures with this intent. Such consultations may also involve responding to incidents that have occurred by providing fitness for duty evaluations and other interventions.

Dr. Heitt provides Fitness for Duty Evaluations for a broad range of corporate needs including:

  • Workplace Violence and Hostility Risk Assessment
  • Pre-employment Evaluation
  • Return-to-Duty Evaluation and Reintegration
  • For-Cause Evaluation

Workplace Violence/Hostility Risk Assessment Evaluations

The Risk Assessment consultation consists of three phases:
  • Management Consultation: Dr. Heitt will work with management and/or Human Resources to discuss the referral and schedule an evaluation appointment. During this phase, Dr. Heitt will review all information gathered about the incident during this discussion and from the Management Questionnaire. Click here to access the Management Questionnaire.
  • Clinical Evaluation: Dr. Heitt will gather relevant information to understand the behaviors that precipitated the referral for evaluation. During the clinical interview, the employee will be asked questions about his/her behavior, language or gestures as well as background information such as personal information, family history, medical history and work history. The employee may be asked to complete psychological tests or questionnaires to help better understand the individual, his/her recent and past life stressors, and the present situation. It is critical that the employee answer these questions as openly and honestly as possible; failing to do so will limit Dr. Heitt's ability to make an accurate assessment, and this may affect the recommendations.
  • Follow-Up Consultation: Dr. Heitt will offer recommendations to management in the form of a follow up consultation and/or written report. Dr. Heitt may also assist in a return to duty reintegration process and/or a debriefing process with individuals at the workplace.

You can click here to read an article Dr. Heitt published on developing a Risk Assessment Program

Pre-Employment Evaluations

When hiring new employees, organizations may require more information about candidates' relative strengths, weaknesses and general ability to carry out the assigned duties of various positions.  Dr. Heitt works with employers to assist in accommodating disabilities and with other decision making by performing pre-employment fitness for duty evaluations.

Pre-Employment Evaluations for Safety-Sensitive/High-Risk Positions

Dr. Heitt performs focused fitness for duty pre-employment evaluations to assist organizations in selecting candidates to fill high-risk, high-stress positions.  Individuals who possess personality attributes that may contribute to unsafe, irresponsible, or ineffective on-the-job behavior can be quite detrimental to organizations, their clientele and the public. Examples of such positions include:

  • Law Enforcement/Armed or Unarmed Security Officers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Clergy/Seminary Students
  • Educators
  • Childcare/Eldercare Professionals

Return to Duty Evaluations and Re-integration Planning

Employees who have been placed off duty for extended periods of time often face difficulties when planning to return to work. Dr. Heitt assists individual employees and their employers by providing return to duty evaluations and by working with the workplace to ease the transition back to work.

For-Cause Evaluations

Occasionally employees exhibit atypical behaviors that warrant concern from coworkers, management or Human Resources professionals. Organizations can refer employees for a fitness for duty evaluation in such situations. Dr. Heitt is available to consult with management and Human Resources to determine the appropriateness of a for cause fitness for duty evaluation.

To arrange a consultation or to inquire about fitness for duty evaluations, please contact Dr. Heitt directly.

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