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This is a resource page for my graduate students and clinical supervisees.

In-Session Note Taking Page

This is the form I use to guide myself during a clinical diagnostic assessment. It helps me cover all the bases, reminds me of what I've forgotten to evaluate/inquire about, and prepares me for my write up. The abbreviations are relatively standard within the field of psychology and medicine.

Intake Assessment Note

This is a detailed outline of an Intake Narrative. It is very comprehensive and a bit redundant as it has been used primarily for training purposes, but it ensures a well thought out written Intake Assessment Note.

The product of the above outline is this long model Intake Assessment Note. This note is quite long and detailed, which is often not necessary. Instead, the same note can easily be shortened to become an abbreviated model Intake Assessment Note. These examples are purely fictitious and are not meant to resemble any individual or composite of individuals.

Examples of Good Papers from Students

Advanced Techniques: First counselor's paper.
Internship: Case formulation paper #1.
Internship: Case formulation paper #2.

Other Stuff

Here is a one minute clip from the movie Annie Hall that I think very nicely demonstrates the concept of "perspective" (that two people can have opposite views of the same situation).

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